“There are Always Men like You”

At the time of this draft I am lying in bed watching The Avengers and I’ve just gotten through the scene where Loki makes the German civilians kneel and one elderly man stands up and refuses – he states that there are “always men like you” to Loki. What’s my point other than proving I am a huge nerd? Well I feel like that old man in the tech space today. More and more it seems there is always another threat around the corner. Whether it be a patent troll looking to extort us, a large platform vendor making us scramble according to their whims or “taste”, or worse our users demanding ever more of our time and energy for pennies an hour if any money at all.

Still, I am not deterred from the field and hope you will join me in toughing it out. There is still a lot to be happy about in the industry even if some of it (app store distribution) comes with some serious strings attached. It’s a bit funny in fact – as I lie here thinking of all the things wrong with our industry I am also planning out what coding projects I want to work on over the weekend.

I hope this post has brought some value to you despite it being basically a stream of consciousness – if you do like it and have comments, please leave them on Google+ or Twitter.

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