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Code Journal 1.4.0 Update

Code Journal LogoI am Happy to announce that Code Journal 1.4 has just been released on the Mac App Store. We took special care to respond to your feedback both in terms of performance and of course new features.

I am particulary fond of the new less wordy way we are naming and dealing with repositires in the title bar and also we’ve added the match requested manual refresh button. For a more complete list of changes, please see the release notes on the App Store.

Good Night CJ for iOS

Everything has its time and then it moves on. That's the story with Code Journal for iOS. It was a fun project but never really hit its stride when compared to the Mac version.

To be fair, I had fun developing the app and, since it shared a lot of code from the Mac app, didn't have to invest a whole lot of additional time in its development; still, one could easily argue that the lack of a specific investment is one of the reasons that the app failed to gain a large user base.

Was Code Journal for iOS a failure? Well, that depends on how you think about it: yes, I didn't make a significant profit on it but I did get some use out of it personally.

Some of you have written me asking why I am pulling the app now. In truth, it is two-fold. First, the update to iOS 7 would require working with a designer and paying that designer for assets etc. Second, I stopped using the app, especially compared to the Mac app which I use everyday.

Bundle Up!

developer-bundle-largeI am excited to announce that Code Journal has joined the awesome Paddle Developer Bundle! For those of you who have never bought a Paddle bundle, they are pay what you want software bundles in the spirit of the Humble Bundle.

Even if you already have Code Journal, pick up the bundle anyway to get other great applications such as Marked and VirtualHostX.

As always, Code Journal is a Apple developer signed app and customers of who opt to purchase via the Paddle bundle will receive updates via email.

Happy Shopping!

Thank You!

Code Journal LogoCode Journal has done extremely well on the Mac App Store recently. It reached as high as number 31 for free apps overall and number 2 in its category. Needless to say I was shocked by the sheer number of users downloading the app. For the most part users are happy and the app is working as expected. However, there have been a few issues that have cropped up over the last week.

Like many API providers Github limits third party developers to a certain number of API tokens and requests per time period. What this means in real-world terms is that if you are a third party developer, like I am, and you see rapid adoption of an app that hits their API, you may start to see some issues for some users. This issue has been further exacerbated by the fact that iPhone version of Code Journal currently uses the same tokens as the Mac version available from the Mac App Store and my site. Steps have been taken to resolve this issue on two fronts: one Code Journal for Mac now has more tokens and two once the next editions of the Mac app and iPhone app are approved, they will be using different tokens — essentially doubling the pool for both apps!

I’d like to personally thank all of you for giving my little app a shot and I would especially like to thank those of you who have emailed me your constructive feedback and were patient during the token drought. Your continued support has meant more to me than any chart ranking and I am happy to report that I will be releasing another free app on an Apple platform in the coming month or so. Stay tuned! And thanks again!

I welcome comments or replies to this thread on Twitter or Google+. If you haven’t already, download Code Journal from the Mac App Store.