Re-Connecting the Coord

I was one of the few, the proud, the coord cutters. I lasted over year but a few months ago I called my cable provider and connected that coord right back. As much fun as it might havae been to be “part of the future” of content, it just doesn’t make sense if you actually like TV in any non-trivial way.

I’m a pretty avid follower of politics and this election season has brought all of the middle school insults and grandoise ideas that I love to hear. Sadly, if you don’t have access to the major cable news channels, then you’re pretty much going either be stuck relying on unreliable streaming connections or simply having to miss out on the live experience.

Netflix Exodus
Netflix just doesn’t have enough content that I and my family want to watch, so I found myself purchasing a ton of content on iTunes and found myself having to subscribe to HBO Now and Hulu to get my fill of content. Basicallay, I was spending as much as I was with cable without it.

There’s no good way to watch sports without a cable subscription. Sure some forward thinking folks at MLB have come up with a subscription service that allows you to stream games, however, you can’t stream anything in your local market.

In short, there’s just not enough live content and content in general for me and I suspect many other TV lovers to happily cut the coord yet. Now, excuse while I go see how poorly my March Madness bracket is doing.

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  • We have talked about it, but I see ourselves spending 60-80% as much as we do with the cord and losing out on about the difference in content (we don’t care about politics, but we watch a ton of episodic TV that we would have to purchase seasons of our be 1-2 seasons behind all the time).

    • Yeah, it’s a difficult situation if you at all like episodic programming or sports.