My Open Source Initiative

I’ve been looking at some of the older code I’ve had sitting on my various hard drives and Dropbox accounts and realised something: a lot of this code is not that novel. There is nothing wrong with it, but a lot of just solves problems that I find myself having to solve over and over again.

So, I am going to try to open-source as much of this code as possible. There are of course a few conditions to this: I will of course only be open-sourcing code that I actually own (file that under ‘duh’), the code must be theoretically useful in a very general, and I will need to be able to use the code again in proprietary projects.

Basically, what that all boils down to is that I’ll be using the Apache license for most if not all of the code and there won’t be full applications open-sourced.

You can find all of my open-source on my Github. I’ve already started by open-sourcing a simple Ruby script that I use for Mac and iOS development.

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