HTC One Review

I recently acquired HTC newest Android device the HTC One. I can say with confidence that the One is the best Android phone I’ve seen. In fact, it is really the only one worth buying.  In the One HTC has learned what every other Android device manufacture still fails to understand — hardware design matters.

Unlike its nearest current competitor (the Samsung Galaxy S4) the One is made from something a bit more substantial than plastic.

Of course, the HTC One is still an Android device (sorry Android fans) and there are still a lot of compromises. Some of them don’t really matter (or shouldn’t matter) to the average user, such as the lack of a removable battery. Others, however are a bit more jarring. For instance the One does not have stock Android and, though this version of Sense is by far the best yet, Sense still leaves a lot to be desired.

Still even the downside of Sense isn’t really that bad. For instance, HTC has done a lot of impressive work with the phone’s camera that you lose if you route and install another ROM on the device.

Bottom line, if you are in the market for an Android device, then the HTC One is the one to get. Questions? Comments? Dogmatic rage? Find me on Twitter and Google+. This post was brought to you by Code Journal and Fingertip Tech, INC