Good Night CJ for iOS

Everything has its time and then it moves on. That's the story with Code Journal for iOS. It was a fun project but never really hit its stride when compared to the Mac version.

To be fair, I had fun developing the app and, since it shared a lot of code from the Mac app, didn't have to invest a whole lot of additional time in its development; still, one could easily argue that the lack of a specific investment is one of the reasons that the app failed to gain a large user base.

Was Code Journal for iOS a failure? Well, that depends on how you think about it: yes, I didn't make a significant profit on it but I did get some use out of it personally.

Some of you have written me asking why I am pulling the app now. In truth, it is two-fold. First, the update to iOS 7 would require working with a designer and paying that designer for assets etc. Second, I stopped using the app, especially compared to the Mac app which I use everyday.