CoffeeScript Revisited pt1

coffeescript_logoCoder Radio listeners will know that I am far from CoffeeScript’s biggest supporter and still to this day have some serious concerns surrounding the languages long terms prospects outside of the Rails community. However, I am also giving it a second chance — meaning that I am actually going to use it for a small internal project at Fingertip Tech, INC. It would be far easier for me to do this project in plain old vanilla JavaScript and part of me really thinks that would just be more efficient. Yet, still I am giving it a shot in CoffeeScript.

The reason for this is that a lot of very smart people seem to really like it and it has matured a bit since the last time I gave it a shot.

I’m not sure how this test run is going to go, but I still do have some serious concerns about CoffeeScript. To start, it offers little advantages over JavaScript other than looking “prettier” and the syntax is closer to Ruby than I’d like it to be, since I’ve found that most CompSci students are only familiar with Java.

I’ll be sure to share my findings on CoffeeScript in a few weeks, so come back soon. Also, feel free to send me comments or suggestions on Twitter and Google+.