Coder Radio 100% Employment

Help Wanted!Every week Chris Fisher and I hear from energetic developers and the like who are looking to break into the field but are just having a hard time getting that first gig. Well, Coder Radio’s sponsor Digital Ocean is hiring as is my own company Fingertip Tech, INC.

Both companies are great (OK I’m a little bias on the second one…) and would be a great fit for any of the Jupiter Broadcasting listener-base.

At Digital Ocean, you’d be working at one of the hottest Linux based companies. As a very happy Digital Ocean customer, I can tell you that it is one of the hottest forms in its space and would be a great resume-builder for a Jr Developer or IT worker.

Fingertip Tech, INC is equally awesome! At Fingertip, you’d get to work in a fast-paced environment with the latest in mobile and web technologies with a tight-knit group of folks who not only work technology but live and breathe it. I should warn you, however, if you are a Linux user, then you’ll need to be ready to defend your distro and window manager choice not only on your interview but on your first day; XP users need not apply. Currently, we are only interested in candidates that can travel to our Eatontown NJ offices, however, full and part-time opportunities are available.

I hope this helps someone and let’s get that Coder Radio community employment number up to 100%! Digital Ocean and Fingertip Tech, INC can both be found on Twitter.

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