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Upcomming Sonnet Collection & Preview

I’ve been working on a side project of writing one sonnet a day for my wife for just over two weeks now and will be collecting them and publishing them in a collection once the book is full, assuming there are no shenanigans with the publisher; the book in question is a leather bound hand-made notebook she gave me a number years ago and will fit just under one hundred sonnets, so we’re probably looking at the new year to go into pre-production on the book itself. In the meantime, I’ve been encouraged to periodically share selections here as a sort of preview, so here’s the first. Astute readers may notice that not all of them are “perfect” sonnets. One of my goals in this project is to bring a classic form back for modern readers, but when form and function don’t mesh perfectly, I’ve chosen to sacrifice form and other times I’ve simply chosen to keep the spirit of the form but adapt it in significant ways.

I hope you enjoy this and I’d appreciate any feedback in the comments or on Twitter.

Sonnet for Lara #17

There is a place where trees stay evergreen

and leaves never descend fully aground.

It’s a country that we’ve not ever seen,

but together we can take a ship there bound.


There is a place where grass is never frost bitten

and Winter’s chill passes temperately.

Let’s fly together there before fate’s written,

and let our love’s Spring last eternally.


There is a place that Time has forgiven

and they there know neither age nor decay.

Let’s stay there and let us not be driven,

for we can forever be as today.


If you would make the trip with me afar,

then I too could shine brightly as you, Star.