Book Review: Think Like a Programmer

I’ve been busy recently and haven’t had a whole lot of team to read any new technical books and was in the middle of reading  Think Like a Programmer by O’reilly media for their blogger review program. I regret to say that this is the first and only truly disappointing text I’ve read in all of my years of reading O’reilly books.

To be fair, the book is aimed a Computer Science and Software Engineering students and I am neither of those things; I’m at the point where I knew most of the overarching concepts in the book and the ones I didn’t proved to be little more than the type of trivia that “engineers” feel separates them from the unwashed masses — ie the rest of us. In all fairness, V. Anton Spraul is very knowledgeable and that comes through clearly throughout the book.

The bottom line, is that I would recommend this book strongly to any first year technical students or others who have little to no real development experience but would recommend that if you’ve shipped at least on substantial project that you skip this one.

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